Coup d'état in Gabon: Russia follows in China's footsteps

Coup d’état in Gabon: Russia follows in China’s footsteps

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Like China, Russia spoke out without condemning the coup in Gabon, saying it was following the situation in this Central African country with concern. The Kremlin, which refrained from drawing any hasty conclusions on the latest events in Libvreville, called on its citizens to postpone their trips to the region.

The Russian government reacted with concern to the news of the coup in Gabon, expressing serious concern about the current situation in the West African country. The Russian presidential spokesperson said Moscow was closely monitoring ongoing events in Gabon, while emphasizing the need not to draw general conclusions about the situation in Africa, where several nations are experiencing internal unrest.

“The situation in Gabon gives rise to deep concern, we are observing what is happening there,” said the Kremlin spokesperson during a recent press conference, in response to questions from journalists. He added that Russian authorities remained in contact with regional and international actors to monitor developments.

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The spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, also took the floor to advise Russian citizens to postpone any travel plans to Gabon in the near future. This recommendation arises from the caution that the Russian authorities are exercising in the face of the unstable political situation currently prevailing in the African country.

In a context where many African countries are experiencing political upheaval, Moscow calls for a nuanced assessment of the situation and urges avoiding hasty generalizations.

China called to “guarantee the security of Ali Bongo” while France, a former colonial power and the African Union, “condemned the military coup”.

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Until this coup, Gabon, an oil-rich central African country, had been ruled for more than 55 years by the Bongo family.