Coup d'état in Gabon: Ali Bongo's daughter congratulates the leader of the putschists

Coup d’état in Gabon: Ali Bongo’s daughter congratulates the leader of the putschists

Malika Bongo, eldest daughter of Ali Bongo Ondimba, sent her congratulations to General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, the leader of the putschists who overthrew her father’s power. Surprising reaction when his father calls for help and invites his supporters to make noise.

“My congratulations to the new President of the Transition his Excellency Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema”, wrote Malika Bongo Ondimba, in the caption of a photo of the head of the junta who deposed her father. This publication by the president of the NGO Défis de Femmes surprised more than a few.

Candidate in the general elections which led to the coup d’état, Malika Bongo seems, from every point of view, to support the putschists. In any case, that’s what this congratulatory message addressed to the president looks like.

Ali Bongo lost power after 14 years of reign, marking the end of a political era in the Gabonese Republic. His mandate was marred by several controversies and accusations of electoral fraud, which fueled tensions within the country.

The coup d’état came unexpectedly, just after the proclamation of the results giving Ali Bongo the winner with 64% of the votes against more than 30% for his challenger, the opponent Albert Ondo Ossa. This situation raised doubts about the legitimacy of these results and caused an intensification of the political crisis.

The uncertainty…

The Gabonese population, who had expressed increasing discontent with Ali Bongo’s regime and the country’s difficult economic situation, hoped for a paradigm shift and an improvement in their living conditions. However, the outbreak of this political crisis has created uncertainty about the future of Gabon and the stability of the country.

The international community has expressed concern about this situation and called for respect for the constitutional order and the holding of free and fair elections. Political observers are closely following developments in the situation and seeking to understand the motivations and actors involved in this coup.