Coup attempt foiled in the Central African Republic: a former minister accused

Coup attempt foiled in the Central African Republic: a former minister accused

Fidèle Gouandjika, special advisor to the Central African presidency, announced on social networks that a coup d'état had been foiled, while calling for vigilance.

In a first live intervention, Fidèle Gouandjika, the Minister Special Advisor, indicated that the threat weighing on the Central African Republic comes from Armel Sayo, former leader of the rebellion “Justice Revolution”. According to Gouandjika, Armel Sayo, former Minister of Youth and still holder of a Central African diplomatic passport, plans to travel to Sudan to meet local authorities.

Indeed, Gouandjika claims to have in his possession a correspondence dated March 24, 2024, sent by Sayo from France to the Sudanese authorities. In this letter, Sayo requests their support to mobilize mercenaries with a view to overthrowing the constitutional order in the Central African Republic.

To support his accusations, Gouandjika published a sound recording, presented as a communication between Armel Sayo and one of his accomplices in Africa. This recording, intercepted and decrypted in Europe, reveals that Sayo believes that all conditions are met to overthrow the Central African government. He assures his interlocutor of his determination to change the future of the country after the coup, and mentions the support promised by certain countries.

Gouandjika believes that this attempt is doomed to failure, arguing that Sudan will not serve as a base for such a destabilization operation. He adds that those imprisoned for endangering state security are Sayo's accomplices, hoping for their release if the putsch succeeds. In addition, Gouandjika specifies that all telephone communications of Sayo and his alleged accomplices in Cameroon and Sudan are monitored and recorded.

Armel Sayo, currently in France since his departure from the government in 2021, has not yet officially reacted to these accusations. As a reminder, Sayo was Minister of Youth and Sports in 2014, before being kidnapped and then released in 2015. He was appointed Minister of State Reforms in 2019 following the Sudan peace agreement, but was dismissed from his position in March 2021.