Central African Republic: the Constitutional Court validates the results of the referendum, despite the controversies

Central African Republic – Triumph of “yes” in the referendum: 3rd mandate in sight for Touadéra

The Central African President, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, sees his constitutional vision approved by a large majority, despite the controversial context of the referendum. According to the National Elections Authority (ANE), Touadéra’s draft constitution received 95.21% of the votes.

In a development that did not fail to attract attention, Central Africans expressed themselves eloquently during the constitutional referendum held on July 30. With a participation rate of 58.22%, the population defied logistical challenges and calls for a boycott from the opposition to express their support for the draft new Constitution. The preliminary results, announced by the National Election Authority (ANE), show an overwhelming 95.21% of votes in favor of “yes”, thus validating the vision of Faustin-Archange Touadéra for the future of the nation.

This referendum was marked by significant participation, illustrating the importance that citizens attach to the political future of their country. The new Constitution provides for major reforms, including the extension of the presidential term from five to seven years, the removal of presidential term limits and the exclusion of citizens with dual nationality from the race for the highest office. These changes, while welcomed by some for their potential to enhance stability, also raise concerns about the concentration of power and the implications for democracy in the long term.

President Touadéra, elected in 2016 then re-elected in 2020, finds himself at the heart of the controversy surrounding this referendum. His opponents accuse him of having orchestrated this process to pave the way for a third presidential term, a prospect that deeply divides public opinion. The next steps in this process will be closely scrutinized, while the Constitutional Court has 15 days to proclaim the final results.