Central African Republic: 13 dead in deadly attack near Chad border

Central African Republic: 13 dead in deadly attack near Chad border

A violent attack by unidentified armed men in Diki, in the northwest of the Central African Republic, resulted in the deaths of thirteen civilians and two injuries.

In tragic violence, the village of Diki, located around 500 km north of the capital Bangui and near the Chadian border, was the target of a deadly attack perpetrated by dozens of unidentified armed men. The attackers opened fire on civilians, killing thirteen people and injuring two others.

According to reports from the “Koaci” website, the attackers deceived the men of the village by gathering them under the pretext of wanting to exchange with them, then they suddenly opened fire, causing a devastating tragedy.

This attack comes just after the constitutional referendum organized by President Faustin Archange Touadéra. However, this referendum was boycotted by the main opposition parties, civil society organizations and armed groups. The proposed new constitutional text plans to extend the length of the presidential term from five to seven years and remove the term limit.

President Touadéra has been strongly criticized, as his opponents accuse him of seeking to stay in power by using this controversial constitutional reform. This situation of political tension raises concerns about the stability of the country, with tragic consequences for innocent civilians caught in the middle of the violence.