CDM Basket 2023: Angola fall from entry

CDM Basket 2023: Angola falls from the start

The 2023 Basketball World Cup began this Friday, with the first African country already entering Group A. Opposed to Italy, Angola lost with a score of 81-67 .

Dominated in the first quarter (17-23), the Angolans woke up in the second quarter to come back this round 23-20. The third quarter was very competitive, with a narrow victory for the Italians (18-17). It was during the last round of this match that the Angolans completely collapsed, with a 20-10 defeat. The match therefore ended with a logical victory for Italy with a score of 81-67.

With a percentage of 34.4 on shots (23/65) and 13.3% on three points (4/30), Angola will have to be more precise during its next outings to avoid leaving the competition in the early stages. of chickens. The Angolans’ next two matches will be against the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

In the other meeting already played at the start of the World Cup, Australia beat Finland 98-72 and took the lead in group E. Very good start for the Australians, who will have a hard time facing Japan and the Germany for the rest of the competition.