CAN 2023: with Cameroon and without Benin, the 24 qualified for the final phase (list)

CAN 2025 and 2027 organization: Algeria withdraws its candidacy, withdrawal of the Nigeria/Benin duo?

Candidate for the organization of CAN 2025 and 2027, Algeria has withdrawn its candidacy, announced the FAF in a press release on its official website. The Nigeria/Benin duo also reportedly withdrew from the 35th edition to concentrate on the next one.

Algeria is no longer a candidate for the organization of CAN 2025 and 2027. In the race to host the two editions of the African Cup, the North African giant has decided to withdraw from the race. The Algerian Football Federation made the announcement on Tuesday in a press release on its official website.

“The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) has officially sent a letter to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) informing it of its decision to withdraw Algeria’s candidacy for the organization of the African Cup. Africa of Nations Total Energies (CAN), 2025 and 2027 editions », We can read in the FAF note.

In its correspondence, the federal authority “explained that this withdrawal is motivated by the FAF’s new approach to the football development strategy in Algeria.» While the African press also announces the withdrawal of the Nigeria/Benin duo for CAN 2025 to concentrate on that of 2027, there are probably only Morocco and Zambia left for the 35th edition. In any case, everyone will be set for this Wednesday, September 27, the date of designation of the host country of the two CANs.