CAN 2023 (Q): the list of the Central African Republic against Ghana, without Kondogbia

CAN 2023 (Q): the list of the Central African Republic against Ghana, without Kondogbia

The time for the decisive battle has come for the Fauves of the Central African Republic, who are preparing to face the powerful Black Stars of Ghana in the 6th day of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. Coach Raoul Savoy has summoned a squad of 24 talented Central Africans for this crucial confrontation, but a big absence is felt.

Ghana and the Central African Republic will engage in an epic duel on August 7 in Kumasi, with the aim of winning one of the precious places for the tournament to be held in Ivory Coast. In this quest, Raoul Savoy called on a group of 24 players, with the return of Louis Mafouta. The striker, ranked third best scorer in the qualifiers with 4 goals, is positioned just behind Sadio Mané (5 goals) and Victor Osimhen (7 goals).

The Fauves will, however, be deprived of their captain Geoffrey Kondogbia. The Olympique de Marseille midfielder, the true spearhead of the selection, was forced to withdraw due to a knee injury. This absence will be felt throughout the month of September, leaving coach Raoul Savoy with the difficult task of putting together his group without its emblematic leader.

In the standings of Group E of the qualifiers, Ghana currently occupies first place with 9 valuable points, while the Central African Republic is in third position with 7 points. The upcoming confrontation promises to be epic, with the Fauves of the Central African Republic ready to give everything to secure their ticket to CAN 2023 in Ivory Coast.

The list of 24 Central African players called up:

Geoffrey Lembet, Berry Biandao, Saturnin Ngarsouma, Peter Guinari, Stéphane Ndobe, Flory Yangao, Freeman Niamathe, Sidney Dambakizi, Séverin Tatolna, Marco Yapende, Amos Youga, Gabriel Oualengbe, Brad Pirioua, Guy Bekaïn, Trésor Toropite, Vénuste Baboula, Karl Namnganda , Goduine Koyalipou, Marco Majouga, Axel Urie, Juste Koulou, Eleoenai Tompte, César Manzoki and Louis Mafouta