Altercation entre Chancel Mbemba et Walid Regragui

CAN 2023, Morocco-DRC: Fécofa will seize CAS for Walid Regragui

Not happy with the verdict of the CAF appeal jury which canceled the 4-match suspension of Walid Regragui, the DRC will seize the CAS to maintain the sanction against the Morocco coach, author of a clash with the Congolese defender , Chancel Mbemba, during the group match between the two teams (1-1) at CAN 2023.

Suspended four matches, two of which were suspended, for his altercation with Congolese defender Chancel Mbemba in the group stage of CAN 2023, Walid Regragui was finally cleared. The appeal filed by the Moroccan Football Federation for its coach was heard by the CAF appeal jury which annulled the sanction imposed on the 48-year-old technician.

A decision that goes badly in the Leopards camp. In a press release this Monday, the Congolese football federation (Fecofa) announced that it would bring the case before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to maintain the suspension against the coach of the Cherifian team.

The behavior of the coach of the Moroccan national team, Walid Regragui, towards the player Chancel Mbemba Mangulu, captain of the DRC national team, the Leopards, at the end of match no. 23 was qualified, by decision no. DC23122-AFCON-24.01.2024 rendered on January 24, 2024, assault by the CAF Disciplinary Jury. The coach was suspended for four matches, two of which were suspended for assault, and a fine of 5,000 USD. The Royal Moroccan Football Federation appealed against this decision and despite the detailed confessions of the said coach, and confirmed by the images which leave no shadow of doubt, the Appeal Commission, against all expectations, simply canceled the decision dated January 26, 2023 », deplores the press release.

Convinced of the totally unjustified nature of this cancellation, the Congolese Federation of Association Football (FECOFA) announces its intention to bring the matter before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), upon receipt of the reasoned decision, in accordance with the provisions in force. », Threatened the body.

Remarks deemed racist at the origin of the scuffles

As a reminder, after the Morocco-DRC match which resulted in a draw (1-1) at the end of a fiercely contested meeting, an altercation broke out between Walid Regragui and Chancel Mbemba. A misunderstanding between the coach of the Atlas Lions and the captain of the Leopards which turned into a general brawl. The central defender even accused the Moroccan of having made racist remarks against him.

At a press conference, Walid Regragui gave his part of the truth. He recounted what happened based on his discussion with the Leopards coach. “ I said to Sebastien Desabre: “Bring him back to me, he’s losing his temper, he’s talking nonsense. I didn’t like it because it insinuates a lot of things. So if he has images other than those we see on television, let him release them, with pleasure. And he’ll see exactly what happened.”he confided.

Before telling the facts. He exposed them from the start when he wanted to shake hands with the captain of the Leopards. “Before I went to shake his hand, he attacked me and my assistant on the sidelines before the end of the match, he spoke badly to us and Desabre knows it. And in the end, despite that, I’m going to shake his hand to also tell him: “But why are you talking to me like that?” And then he looks away, like “I’m not shaking your hand”.

I held his hand, you can see it in the images, and he started screaming in every direction. I told him: “You tell yourself!” And he said to me: You called me stupid!” It’s okay that he heard that, even though I never said it, but by speaking the way he did, he’s implying that my comments are racist, it’s dishonest. As he only talks about religion in his speech, let him be a little honest with himself”explained Walid Regragui.