Rigobert Song et Samuel Eto’o

CAN 2023, “altercation affair between Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o”: FECAFOOT reacts

On Tuesday January 16, 2024, FECAFOOT broke the silence on the rumor evoking an incident of confrontation that occurred within the national team between Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o during the 34th edition of the African Cup of Nations.

Concerns have emerged in recent days, reporting a lack of serenity within the Indomitable Lions national team from Ivory Coast. Indeed, the journalist Boris Bertolt reports an incident that occurred during the Cameroon-Guinea match, where Rigobert Song, then on the touchline to give instructions to the players, allegedly learned that two substitutions were in progress without his request, the instructions coming from bleachers.

In addition, the journalist mentions a disorder within the FECAFOOT delegation, indicating that Mabouang, Lucien Mettomo and Tchoutang were expelled from the delegation and are heading towards Abidjan, planning to return to Yaoundé in the coming hours. He also reports an episode of tension in Abidjan, where Maboang Kessack, at the invitation of Samuel Eto’o, was allegedly asked not to board at the airport. Therefore, the president of FECAFOOT promised to take care of him until the final, creating tension in the team environment.

Furthermore, Bertolt mentions the absence of Choupo Moting in Rigobert Song’s list, affirming that this decision was taken by Samuel Eto’o. However, FECAFOOT denies this information in a press release. Blaise Djounang, the secretary general of FECAFOOT, ensures that there is a calm atmosphere within the Lions’ den and evokes a rotation movement to explain the situation.