La société Starlink d’Elon Musk

Cameroon: Starlink grounded by the government

In several African countries, authorities have imposed strict rules on Elon Musk so that his network, Starlink, complies with local regulations.

In Cameroon, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom LI Likeng, demanded that SpaceX, which deploys Starlink, temporarily block access to Cameroonian users, due to lack of legal authorization. This decision was taken on April 4, 2024 during the launch of the Industry Maker ACADEMY (IMA24) program in Yaoundé, organized by Digital Transformation Alliance and InnoTechLab.

Indeed, the Minister explained that although the Cameroonian market is open, it is subject to strict regulations which require a license to operate. Despite this, some Cameroonians have acquired Starlink equipment and are circumventing the rules by using it without authorization, taking advantage of the simplicity of their installation. However, this uncontrolled use poses risks in terms of security and protection of personal data, according to the minister.

In Ivory Coast, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority reminded users that the use and marketing of Starlink Internet services is illegal. Also in Mali, the government announced the ban on Starlink and plans to dismantle all equipment already installed on its territory.