Cameroun : de nouveaux propos de l’influenceuse Francine Mayole font polémique sur la toile

Cameroon: new comments from influencer Francine Mayole cause controversy on the web

The Cameroonian influencer, Mayole Francine is once again attracting the lightning of Internet users, with a new media outing, after that in Ivory Coast during CAN 2023.

Francine Mayole, the Cameroonian influencer, made comments that caused quite a bit of ink and saliva to flow on the web, during the 2023 African Cup of Nations (CAN), which was held from January 13 to 11. February in Ivory Coast. Indeed, upon her arrival in Abidjan to attend the sporting event, she published a video where she commented on the presence of dust in the streets of the famous commune of Cocody.

Back in her country, she was invited on the program “Paroles de femmes”, broadcast on the private Cameroonian channel Equinoxe TV, to debate on the subject: “ Life of stars: behind the scenes “. And as usual, she once again attracted the anger of Internet users over her comments. “ I was born in Laquintinie. I was very brilliant at school. I had a bac A in 2011. Currently, I am single (…). I honestly want a man, like my father, my brother, with whom I will talk. My husband my fight. If he asks me to stop what I’m doing, I let (…). I’m ready to stop everything for the man of my life “, she says.

This new release from Francine was not welcome among Cameroonian personalities and celebrities. In the process, the influencer Ruby the Millionaire quickly stepped up to respond to him, but also to give advice to women. “ Never leave your work for a man. I say never! Your job is your first husband ”, she advised.