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Cameroon: match-fixing, abuse of power, Eto'o counterattacks and files a complaint against CAF

In a long interview with France 24, Samuel Eto'o discussed the ongoing investigation against him opened by CAF for abuse of power and match-fixing. Unfounded accusations according to the president of FECAFOOT who announced to file a complaint against the African body.

Samuel Eto'o was on Wednesday with Marc Perelman from France 24. Facing the French journalist, the president of FECAFOOT gave an overview of the news concerning him. If he confirmed the non-renewal of Rigobert Song at the head of the Indomitable Lions, the former captain of the Cameroonian selection also mentioned the investigation opened by CAF against him to shed light on his management considered opaque of the His country's football federation.

The former Barça and Inter Milan striker is in fact accused of abuse of power, physical threats, but above all match-fixing in the local championship. “I have never been questioneddeclared Samuel Eto'o straight away. We issued a press release to say that an investigation had been opened but I was never questioned about what I was accused of.“.

Then to attack CAF directly: “For over 22 years, the only thing I knew how to do was play football. For those who followed my career, I was a player who always respected fair play. It is not by becoming president that I will change this attitude that I had. I think we become great when we respect others, even when we lose, and especially when we lose. I have instructed my lawyers to file a complaint against the CAF so that responsibilities can be established. It's too easy to sully everything I have built during these few years in the world of football“, he cursed.

Before concluding: ” Now, regarding what everyone can say, at this level, there is a framework, perhaps, and if people wanted to hear me, I would provide elements which would certainly dispel doubts that there could be. A lot of things have been said, it's gone a bit in all directions. The governing body of football launched, for my part, much too early in a press release without even taking the trouble seven-eight months later to question me, it is unacceptable. (…) It is very easy to accuse people without providing proof. » The message got through.

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