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Cameroon: “He wants to be both president and coach”, André Kana Biyik on Eto'o

Criticism of the management of Samuel Eto'o at the head of the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has definitely become commonplace. The last to knock out the former captain of the Indomitable Lions, the former Cameroonian international André Kana Biyik.

In a recent interview given to local media and relayed by Africafootunited, André Kana Biyik expressed his disagreement with the way in which Samuel Eto'o runs the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT). According to him, the first two years of the former Barça player's mandate at the head of the body were encouraging, but the rest was disappointing.

Samuel Eto'o had a good campaign, with an ambitious project, raising a lot of expectations. But after two and a half years in office, the results are disappointing “, declared the 58-year-old former footballer. He points to a number of problems, including the former Cameroon international's domineering attitude and oversized ego.

Biyik accuses Eto'o of doing his own thing, not listening to advice, and acting as both president and coach, which, according to him, has a negative impact on the Cameroonian national team. “ He has an oversized ego, does as he pleases, doesn't listen to anyone and doesn't get good advice. As a result, we talk more about the multiple cases that are shaking the federation than about the progress for Cameroonian football, which is quite few in number. », lamented the ex-player of the Indomitable Lions.

André Kana Biyik's criticisms come in a context where FECAFOOT faces multiple challenges, both on a sporting and administrative level. Tensions within the federation and scandals surrounding certain decisions taken by the presidency have fueled debates within the Cameroonian sports community.

Samuel Eto'o, who was seen as a hope for Cameroonian football when he was elected head of FECAFOOT, now faces increasing pressure to meet the expectations of football stakeholders in the country.

It is clear that the situation within FECAFOOT requires urgent attention and corrective measures to ensure the continued development of football in Cameroon. Critics of Biyik highlight the need for a thorough review of the current management of the federation and the future direction of Cameroonian football.

It remains to be seen how Samuel Eto'o and other members of FECAFOOT will address these concerns and whether they will be able to restore confidence and hope within the Cameroonian football community.