Cameroon: Paul Biya carries out an urgent reshuffle within the army

Cameroon: government warns against calls for military coup

The Cameroonian government has announced legal action against all those who call for a coup d’état to take power in the country, according to a press release from the government spokesperson published Monday evening.

Faced with the analyzes of certain actors in the national and foreign media who prophesy the destabilization of Cameroon following the military putsch that occurred in certain African countries, “the Cameroonian government recalls that Cameroon is a state of law, endowed with democratic institutions, within which the mechanisms for accessing power are clearly defined”specified in the press release, René Emmanuel Sadi, Cameroonian Minister of Communication.

The Cameroonian authorities also urged their compatriots to be more vigilant and patriotic while inviting the authors of calls for coups d’état in Cameroon to be careful not to establish insane and preposterous parallels on the future of Cameroon, which could resemble calls for destabilization of the State, and, therefore, justify their arrest and their prosecution before the courts, we can read in the press release.

The latest military coup in Africa, that of Gabon, caused reactions beyond the country’s borders. And particularly in Cameroon, where the current president Paul Biya, aged 90, has been in power for 40 years. The leader even carried out a vast reshuffle within the army, the day after the coup d’état in Gabon.