Anthony Joshua et Francis Ngannou

“Anthony Joshua will not survive my punch”, Francis Ngannou before the fight of the century

Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou has boasted that Anthony Joshua can’t resist his punching power as he hopes to score a knockout victory over the British boxer.

First professional fight between the two boxers, Antony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will face each other on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A new challenge for the Cameroonian who will fight his second fight in this discipline. The former UFC heavyweight king stunned the boxing world last year by sending undefeated Tyson Fury to the ground with a left hook. And the boxer also intends to do so with his next opponent.

The day is set. It’s two months away, and if any of them think they’re going to get easy money, too bad for them. “, said Francis Ngannou in an interview with MMA Fighting. “ If Joshua takes the hit Fury took, I don’t guarantee he’ll get back up. I heard he didn’t have a chin. I’m going to find out” , he added.

“I really intend to make him lose”

Asked about Anthony Joshua’s exploits in 2023, where he had three fights and notably stopped top contender Otto Wallin in five rounds on December 23, Ngannou acknowledged the Briton’s commendable performance.

However, he maintained his belief that Joshua remains the same fighter who had lost three times in the ring and hopes to be the one to hand him his fourth defeat. “I think he’s still the same fighter. Being the same fighter doesn’t mean you can’t lose. He lost to Andy Ruiz. He lost to Oleksandr Usyk and he can lose again“, he believes.

And to send a strong message to his opponent: “ By the way, I really intend to make him lose March 8th. You can still be who you are, and still lose. No one is undefeated ». Looking forward to March 8th!