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After 25 years of presence, MONUSCO begins its withdrawal from the DRC

The withdrawal of 15,000 peacekeepers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, desired by the Kinshasa government, begins with the official transfer to the Congolese authority of the first UN base located in South Kivu, while the region The eastern part of the country is going through a period of acute crisis.

The UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) begins its withdrawal from the country on Wednesday February 28, following a request from Kinshasa which considers it ineffective. After 25 years, the departure of the peacekeepers was approved in December by the United Nations Security Council, despite concerns about escalating violence in eastern DRC.

Currently present in the most unstable provinces of the region, namely South Kivu, North Kivu and Ituri, MONUSCO (formerly MONUC) has around 15,000 peacekeepers. To facilitate an orderly, responsible and sustainable withdrawal, the UN and Kinshasa have agreed to a “disengagement plan” in three phases.

The first phase provides for the withdrawal of MONUSCO from South Kivu by April 30 for the military and police, and June 30 for its civilian component. Before May, the UN force is therefore supposed to abandon its 14 bases in the province and transfer them to the Congolese security forces. The Kamanyola base, located near the Burundian and Rwandan borders, will be the first to be handed over to the national police (PNC).