Africa mobilized in the face of climate change in Kenya

Africa mobilized in the face of climate change in Kenya

Kenyan President William Ruto inaugurated Africa’s first climate summit, bringing hundreds of delegates from around the world to Nairobi.

Africa, despite having a small carbon footprint, disproportionately experiences the impacts of climate change. The summit aims to discuss the continent’s environmental challenges and forge global partnerships for resilience.

Under azure skies, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, hosted the first African climate summit, marking a turning point in ongoing efforts to address the environmental challenges affecting the African continent. Kenyan President William Ruto officially launched this crucial event.

The African continent, despite its low carbon footprint, has been hit hard by the effects of climate change. Extreme weather events, water shortages, heat waves and mass population displacements have been observed in many regions. The African Climate Summit aims to highlight these realities and discuss solutions to alleviate the suffering and losses resulting from climate change.

A disproportionately high toll

In his opening speech, President Ruto highlighted the urgency for action: “Africa’s carbon footprint remains low, but the human toll of climate change is disproportionately high. The urgency to address loss and damage and configure appropriate financial mechanisms for resilience increases with each extreme weather event and climate-induced insecurity crisis. »

The summit plans three days of in-depth discussions on actions to strengthen climate resilience in Africa. Delegates from around the world, including government officials, environmental experts and non-governmental organizations, are present to share their knowledge and experiences.

President Ruto concluded his speech by recalling the importance of this meeting: “You have entered the future, a future led by global partnerships committed to Africa’s prosperity, inclusive growth and a livable planet for all of us. This is no ordinary summit. »