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2026 World Cup (Q): Egypt hanging on in Guinea-Bissau, despite Salah

Despite a goal from Mohamed Salah in the second half, Egypt conceded a draw against Guinea-Bissau (1-1) this Monday, on the occasion of the fourth day of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The September 24 stadium in Bissau hosted a meeting between Egypt and Guinea-Bissau this Monday. A match counting for the fourth day of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. And on arrival, the two teams separated with a parity score (1-1). Mohamed Salah responded to Mama Baldé, author of the opening score before the break.

The Djurtus showed their determination against the Pharaohs, forcing Egypt to pull out all the stops to hope to win. Recording a series of three unbeaten matches since the start of the qualifiers (two draws and one victory), Guinea-Bissau started the game with confidence and dynamism.

Despite the technical superiority of the Egyptians, the Bissau-Guineans took the lead in the first period. In the 40th minute, Mama Baldé, well served by Opa Sanganté, opened the scoring, thus giving her team a crucial advantage.

The goal from Baldé, a player from Olympique Lyonnais, forced the Pharaons to redouble their efforts. However, despite their attempts to equalize, Egypt failed to find the net before the break.

Back from the locker room, the Pharaohs stepped up their game, showing themselves to be more convincing in their offensive initiatives. This increased pressure finally paid off when Mohamed Salah was served by Marwan Attia and equalized. This achievement from Salah allowed his team to snatch a 1-1 draw, a result which reflects the tenacity of both teams.

With this result, Egypt maintains first place in the group with 10 points, closely followed by Guinea-Bissau with 6 points. Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, with a game in hand, follow with 4 points each. Ethiopia and Djibouti bring up the rear with 3 and 1 point respectively.