UPND President Hakainde Hichilema today unleashed UPND Youths to attack his Vice President GBM through a press conference at the party Secretariat.
UPND members had earlier expressed concerns that attacking and removing GBM as Vice President would cost the party votes in the Bemba Land, but Hichilema angrily responded that bembas have never helped UPND and party members must work hard to make sure the party wins even without votes from bembas.

One of youths who was in the meeting revealed that HH told Youths not to be scared but to go ahead and demand for the expulsion of GBM so that he (GBM) and his so called Bemba clan can know who is more powerful and influencial.

HH during a long meeting with Youths this morning narrated how he suffered to build the party without any help from Bembas and he promised that he will never allow anyone to undermine his authority.

Confusion in UPND started when an online publication called Koswe start publishing fake propaganda against the UPND Vice President that he has been bought by PF. Koswe which is owned by Hakainde’s deputy Press secretary Brian Mwiinga continued spreading falsehoods despite GBM assuring party members that he was not bought. This angered GBM who wondered why Hakainde had allowed his Press aid to write fake propaganda against him. HH refused to comment on the matter and stopped answering phone calls from GBM and it is at this point that the Vice President concluded that the fake propaganda had the blessings of Hakainde Hichilema.

All these problems are arising from the fact that UPND will be going for the convention this year and officials close to HH tipped him that GBM might challenge him and win at the convention. The officials who included Brian Mwiinga the Press aid vowed to deal with GBM until he resigned before the convention.

We shall keep you posted for more development because GBM arrived in the country today and he is yet to issue a statement.


  1. I have always wondered why people have been gods to predict that HH will never rule Zambia.. it’s the same ambitious Sata had from 2001 until he tapped into all the tribes for a vote. Now this utterance of not valuing votes from other tribes will cost HH the leading edge in the election. what with the improved or perfected rigging ????
    it’s time to lose valueless baggage and bring on board gainful and loyal ones


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