Electoral expert MacDonald Chipenzi writes:


With scandals swirling around the president, recently being the eSwatini landgate, President Edgar Lungu’s immunity must be lifted as a matter of urgency.

This will pave way for him to account for his stay in State House and explain some of these scandalous issues now attached to his name. It will also avoid rumors, speculations and suspicions of corruption circulating round his Presidency.

Since history has it that a Presidential immunity lifted can be restored once one is found not guilty, as is the case with late former President FTJ Chiluba and living Rupiah Banda, once a thorough probe is done, he can still be crowned back his immunity.

This immunity clause under Art 98 of our Constitution must be revoked because it has made “equality before the law” principle a mockery in Zambia. In other countries such as South Africa, Italy, South Korea, Israel et al, law enforcement agencies have the obligation to probe a sitting president.

It is an appeal, therefore, to all MPs to save the country from further embarrassment, that they can unite across political divide to consider moving a motion to lift President Lungu’s immunity in June once National Assembly resumes sitting so as to allow him clear these allegations against him, his close associates and relatives.

These alleged scandals are an embarrassment to the image of Zambia and its people regionally and globally and has dent on the republic of Zambia. Let us show patriotism as MPs for once.

President Lungu’s Immunity Must Go….now!!!!



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