The Patriotic Front in Western Province has called on the police to intensify patrols in Kaoma during campaigns for the council chairman by-election following today’s shooting on an entourage of three ministers and party deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Provincial chairperson Charles Mututwa has stated that the ruling party would not be derailed by the desperation of the opposition UPND, whose supporters are suspected to have fired on the entourage of lands minister Jean Kapata, community development minister Kampamba Mulenga-Chewe, Minister in the Office of the Vice-President Olipah Phiri and Mumbi, injuring six people.

“Armed United Party for National Development (UPND) this morning trailed and shot at our Patriotic Front (PF) members who were in the field carrying out door to door campaigns, injuring about six (06) who are all hospitalized with one of them battling for his life. We find UPND’s desperation totally unacceptable that they would rather shade blood in order to win an election. PF has continued with violence free elections in the upcoming Kaoma by-election and it is regrettable that Opposition UPND have resorted to use of violence as they did in the Parliamentary by-election. Our candidate, Mrs Ngombo Ngebe, has remained favourite to win the Kaoma Council Chairperson by-election and we are calling on the Zambia Police to intensify security patrols in the area,” Mututwa stated.

“We are aware of UPNDs machinations ahead of voting day on 10th October 2019 and we hope the Police will maintain law and order otherwise our competitors are geared to turn this area into another bloodbath, the sort of politics we must all condemn. PF has been under very strict instructions from the Head of State, who is also party president, His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to conduct violence free and issue-based campaigns. This is a position we refuse to depart from even under extreme provocation from the Opposition.”



  1. Youths should avoid being used as a tool of violence, it is high time for you and me to promote , PEACE, LOVE and start thinking big on how to create our own wealth through enterprenuership. China is developing because their mind set is focused on how should china grow in Billion Dollars. The toys, the phones, laptops and accersories etc are made by youths like us in China.They always dream how should there country develop, it is a shame and unfortunately that here in our country Zambia, youths dream how to be used as a tool of Violence, to insult elders in the leadership, attacking people, condeming business people, provoking a situation in a bid to be paid a K50, oversleeping, meanwhel our Chinese friends when they see a plastic, a scrap its money. Even if you change government today as long as the mind set is not reformed noise game blame will never end, hard worker never talk but focused.


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