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The Nigerian police announced on May 19, the arrest of two gangs of criminals. The successful operation took place on May 17, according to the police statement.

An operation carried out in the Niamey I Communal District, by the Koubia Police Station, made it possible to get hold of two gangs of criminals on May 17, 2023 in the Satou district.

Indeed, after investigations carried out following information making case of the recent installation of a group of individuals with suspicious behavior, living in the Satu district, more precisely in a plot where they set up a small shed serving as their residence, a police raid was conducted on the scene on May 17, 2023 around 6 a.m. On the spot, nine (09) individuals including a girl were arrested.

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For this first band, the investigations revealed that almost all of the members of the group are habitual criminals for theft or offenses against the narcotics legislation. Asked about their daily activities, the leader of this gang admitted that they commit purse robberies involving cell phones and night robberies in homes.

According to him, six (6) of the members of their group are thieves, one (1) of them (nicknamed Tupac) is a notoriously known narcotics dealer. As for the girl, it is the girlfriend of one of them whom they use as bait to attract possible victims.

the nicknamed “Boss”

This gang operates in the districts of Koubia, Sonuci, Banikoubay and Center Aéré. The spoils of their thefts, in particular mobile phones, are sold at ridiculous prices to a welder in the Bani koubeye district whom they nickname ” the boss “.

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As for the second gang, it is made up of three individuals, including the nicknamed “Boss”, receiver and Boss of the first band. This second band specializes in meeting theft, with the use of a bladed weapon (knife).

Their modus operandi consists of circulating at night in the City of Niamey, on one (1) of their motorcycles (Kasea or Apsonic) to target a victim, make him fall under the threat of a knife and recover his motorcycle.

Then, the machine is brought to one of them who is a mechanic to modify it before selling it on the market. It should be noted that the third member of the band is actively sought.

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The various searches carried out during this investigation resulted in the seizure and sealing of: a Kasea brand motorcycle; a wreck of a lady’s motorcycle; cutters and knives; three military heavy helmets; two belts; cannabis and cell phones.

These two bands, although operating in two different areas have the same boss, nicknamed “Boss”.