Kenya: military helicopter crashes during anti-terrorist patrol

Kenya: military helicopter crashes during anti-terrorist patrol

A Kenyan Air Force night patrol in Lamu County turned tragic when a military helicopter crashed, resulting in the loss of lives of the crew and soldiers on board. The accident occurred in the Boni forest, known to be home to the al-Shabab terrorist group, triggering an investigation to understand the circumstances of this tragedy.

The Kenyan Air Force was hit by a devastating tragedy on Tuesday as a military helicopter crashed during a night patrol mission in Lamu County, along Kenya’s northern coast . The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) confirmed the loss of lives, without specifying the exact number of casualties.

The accident occurred while the crew and soldiers on board were participating in Operation Amani Boni, an ongoing initiative to combat the al-Shabab terrorist group, which is active in Somalia and sometimes operates in the border region from Kenya. The Boni Forest, located in this area, is known to be a potential hideout for al-Shabab militants.

Creation of a commission of inquiry

In the interest of transparency, the Kenyan army announced the creation of a commission of inquiry responsible for determining the causes of the accident. Investigators were dispatched to the scene to collect evidence and examine the details of this tragic incident.

The al-Shabab attack in Somalia has seen an escalation in recent years, particularly since Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud launched an “all-out war” against the terrorist group. Kenya, as Somalia’s direct neighbor, has also been affected by al-Shabab attacks in the past.