Kenya: 02 civilians killed and 10 injured in attack led by Al-Shabab

Kenya: 02 civilians killed and 10 injured in attack led by Al-Shabab

More than 60 terrorists affiliated with the Somali group Al-Shabab carried out a deadly attack on civilians in Kenya’s Lamu County, killing two people and injuring ten others. The Kenyan government responded by launching a security operation to apprehend terrorists and protect citizens.

Kenya was the scene of a violent attack carried out by more than 60 terrorists linked to the Somali group Al-Shabab. The attack occurred on the Garsen-Witu-Lamu highway in Lamu County, located about 241 kilometers northeast of the capital Nairobi. Two civilians were killed and at least ten other people were injured during this deadly expedition.

Kenyan Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki confirmed the attack and said security forces responded quickly to contain the situation and prevent further loss of life. A security operation is underway to apprehend the terrorists and find any missing civilians.

The attack was carefully planned by the terrorists who targeted innocent civilians in the Nyongoro area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLamu County. Following the reaction of the security forces, the terrorists were forced to retreat towards the porous border separating Kenya and Somalia, from where they are affiliated with the Al-Shabab group.

Since 2011, Kenya has become a regular target of Al-Shabab attacks. The Somalia-based terrorist group has carried out several acts of terrorism in the East African country, causing the deaths of many innocent civilians. The deadliest attack took place in April 2015 when Al-Shabab operatives stormed Garissa University College, tragically killing more than 140 students.