“He marked my face”, Tyson Fury after the clash with Francis Ngannou

“If the money is there”, Tyson Fury not against a rematch with Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury would not refuse a new fight with Francis Ngannou, while the Gypsy King prepares his next duel with Oleksandr Usyk, the British boxer assured the media The Stomping Ground.

Victorious over Francis Ngannou last October, at the end of a fight which saw the Cameroonian boxer knock his British counterpart to the ground, Tyson Fury could once again cross gloves with the former UFC heavyweight champion. In any case, the idea does not displease the Gypsy King who has been training for weeks for his next fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

In an interview with Charlie Parsons of The Stomping Ground, Fury stated that “ if the money is there », he would fight anyone when asked about a possible rematch with the Cameroonian. The Briton, however, evaded a question about a potential fight with Anthony Joshua if he emerges victorious from his duel with Usyk.

Boxing is one of those things: you can get in there and not get out of the ring,” he said. “So how could I underestimate an absolute beast: he's an absolute killer and he's a bad man, Usyk. So how would you underestimate him looking at a guy he's already beaten twice? I don't think you would do that, would you?” , did he declare.

The potential for a Fury-Ngannou rematch seemed very high after their showdown in October was much closer than expected. There was some hope of setting up a second fight between the two, although that may not be as appealing now after Ngannou's second-round knockout against Joshua on March 8.