"I will never serve the devil", Marcello Tunasi responds to his detractors

“I will never serve the devil”, Marcello Tunasi responds to his detractors

Since the death of his wife, Pastor Marcello Tunasi has found himself at the heart of a whirlwind of rumors. While some claim his wife died following cosmetic surgery, others claim the pastor has ties to Satanism.

Pastor Marcello Tunasi, the Congolese man of God, has not seen the end of his troubles since the untimely death of his wife Blanche Tunasi, who died in Turkey due to a heart attack. Since this tragic event, many speculations have been circulating on social networks, with some allegations saying that his wife succumbed after a cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of her buttocks (BBL).

A few days after his wife’s burial, Pastor Marcello Tunasi responded to the controversy by forgiving the rumor-monger in a Facebook post. However, an even more serious matter has just shaken the famous Congolese religious leader once again.

Videos posted online show that, during a sermon, he allegedly claimed to belong to Satan. On Monday, June 24, on his Instagram account, Pastor Marcello Tunasi responded by publishing the entire video of one of his old messages from May 2023, given at the La Compassion church in Montreal. “Here are the excerpts cut from the message that is maliciously circulating on the internet, claiming that I claimed to be a Satanist. I will never serve the devil. I forgive you and pray that God delivers you from jealousy,” he explains.

However, the man of God, claiming to be the victim of jealousy and slander, chose to forgive his detractors. Pastor Marcello Tunasi prays for these people, so that God can deliver them from their torment.