Horoscope: astrological forecasts for the week of May 22 to 28, 2023

Horoscope: astrological forecasts for the week of May 22 to 28, 2023

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A new week has just started. Money, Love, Happiness, health,… Discover the astrological forecasts sign by sign for this week from Monday 22 to Friday 28 May 2023.


Under the sweetness of the planet Venus, it’s time for confidences with your friendly entourage. You won’t mince words and get straight to the point. Your friends will also know how to share their feelings with you and reveal secrets to you. You might also receive an affectionate statement that you weren’t expecting. In your family cocoon, the atmosphere is incredibly calm. It will suit you perfectly. If you have small children, their obedience will soothe you.


As a family, Mars gives a boost to your projects. The time for decision is approaching. Action reaction ? It’s not your modus operandi. Moderate the ardor of your loved ones. Some points still need to be clarified before signing a quote or a contract. Take advantage of the powers of Venus, the diplomat, passing through the negotiation sector.

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You have a taste for gambling and you like to take risks, especially on financial investments. However, if you are not careful, you could put your capital at risk and even lose a lot of money. Indeed, this is not the best time to make investments. While waiting for a better influence from the stars, you will do better to favor vigilance and moderation, rather than imprudence and audacity. And if you still want to invest, play the safety card.


On May 23, tensions arise within your circle of friends or associations. The cause ? Expense, budget, reimbursement… A concern for money creates discord. Don’t panic, it’s not very serious. A frank and sincere discussion, a little gentleness and listening and everything works out. You benefit from the mediation talents of Venus, residing in your sign.


You will benefit from the aura of the Sun in the professional field. That’s why you won’t run out of ideas and energy! This will allow you to be very productive in your steps or in your work. You will chain the projects as if nothing had happened. This sparkling dynamism will radiate the people around you. However, be careful not to want to do too much and think about slowing down. It would be a shame to tire you out. Be careful this week though.

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The realization of a pro or personal project is progressing. But it’s going way too fast for you. Don’t give in to the pressure, the deadline hasn’t arrived yet. Give yourself some time to reflect and take advice from a friend or relative, just to reassure you. Take advantage of the precious support of Venus in the sector of friendships, you are not alone.


A week full of tension for you… Fatigue, stress, possible hassles: you have been accumulating negative vibes lately. You will therefore have a great need to breathe! Make time for yourself. So take the time to do activities that relax you and that you enjoy: playing sports, reading a good book, going to see a movie at the cinema… It doesn’t matter, as long as it allows you to evacuate. Also remember to rest. Your general form will only be better for it.


In your family, from a very young age, you are affectionately nicknamed the peacemaker. Week after week, you manage to solve all the worries of everyday life. According to a scale of gravity established in advance by your care, your serenity calms disputes as well as grudges. Faced with your legendary zen attitude, none of the problems mentioned above have time to settle. As if by magic, everything disappears in favor of the appearance of the Sun that you are.

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After a hyper-active and promising start to the week, the machine is seizing up for purely practical reasons. Back to reality, your days only have 24 hours. Review your organization, your agenda. Other solutions are available to you, ask for help or a delay. Venus, the planet of temperance, helps you make the necessary compromises.


Radiant, soothing, charming, this week begins in the best conditions. The coming of the Sun should bring all your projects to center stage and give them the praise they deserve. Thus revealed, your ideas will be appreciated by your friends and family. Moreover, only your motivation will prevent you from losing the resources available to you. It’s up to you to make them happen. Backtracking towards regrets remains strictly impossible.


Financial slack could surface in the coming days. You will have the opportunity to rectify the situation by stopping in time. Beware, temptations will not make it easy for you. However, your mental strength will lead you back to the right path. Commit to doing your accounts systematically. In this way, you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises at the end of the week. If you are ascendant Pisces, also reduce purchases on the internet.


Boosted by a beautiful emotional and loving energy, you are ready to move mountains. Be careful not to overestimate your strengths and resources. You will not be able to do everything, assume everything and give everything out of love. Beware of fatigue and overdraft at the bank! The planets in Taurus awaken your common sense and accompany your decisions.

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