Ask me who a Tribalist is in Zambia and I will show you one.
Hakainde HICHILEMA is a worst Tribalist who should not get a Vote from any well meaning Zambian.
If you are a True UPND member then you know.

It was March 2015 when the Upnd Southern Province Committee invited their Vice President Dr Canisius Banda to go and strengthen the Party just after the loss of 2015 Presidential elections.

It was not Dr Banda’s own made Trip but the Upnd Provincial Committee.
As a Team working under the Office of the Vice President Dr Canisius Banda with Him and His Wife we Started the Journey by Road to the Province.

HH had attached his Trusted Tonga security personnels we worked with under Dr Canisius Banda’s Office who’se duty was to monitor Our Activities if they supported HH and the Tonga Tribe. Together with them we drove up to Mapepe area of Chilanga in a Convoy of 5 Veigchles when Dr Banda recieved a phone call from HH asking him where he was going.
Dr Banda answered that he was invited to go Southern Province by the Party.HH responded and said that you should go back Canisius, that is not your area,Canisius asked,but which one is my area? HH responded to say, Eastern Province is your area so turn back.
That’s how we turned back.

According to HH,Banda’s Belong to Eastern Province.
When we went to the Copper Belt,we were told that CB and Northern was later given to GBM by HH.The rest of the Provinces remained for HH.
Following this Set up.Let Canisius Banda get to His Province, Gbm to His Province, HH to His Province.
This came from HH Himself.
My question to everyone is.
Who is a Tribalist between President ECL and HH.
These are true Stories, if you’re Upnd you know.
I can even reveal the names of those HH shushushus assigned in Canisius Office.
The Upnd Southern Province Drove to Lusaka and Shouted at HH for stopping his colleague to go to the Province. I can as well give you the names of those members if you want.
We know these things and HH knows that we know

Aluta Continua!

ā€ˇCharles Chikoko Malembeka




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