Good to know: this is why women's shirts close on the left side

Good to know: this is why women’s shirts close on the left side

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Despite the evolution of fashion and the scale of unisex clothing on the market, the shirt remains an essential piece of clothing with very variable cuts. It adjusts according to gender. Find out here the reason why women’s shirts close on the left side.

In thrift stores, clothes are often not sorted. They are mostly mixed in large baskets. So the choice is difficult for you. To distinguish the “male” shirt from the “female”, you just have to pay attention to this little clue.

Indeed, if you look closely at a “women’s” shirt, you will notice that the buttonholes are placed on the right and the buttons are on the left. When wearing it, you have to close it so that the fabric on the right side is up and the left side is below. On the men’s side, this design of shirts is reversed.

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So why this difference?

Two hypotheses are available to us: the first stems from the fact that the majority of people are right-handed. The second refers rather to specifically masculine or feminine activities for which the right hand would be more useful.

Why do women’s shirts close on the left?

This concept of reverse buttoning greatly simplifies the task for women, especially during breastfeeding. Indeed, insofar as most young mothers generally hold their babies on the left shoulder during lactation, it is thus more practical and easier for them to unbutton their blouse with the right hand.

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