Francis M'vemba: announced crazy, her ex Coco Emilia finally gives her news

Francis M’vemba: announced crazy, her ex Coco Emilia finally gives her news

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While she was recently declared to have dementia by some of her relatives, the Cameroonian influencer, Coco Emilia, has just made a remarkable reappearance on social networks, arousing general surprise.

Last April, rumors that the ex-wife of the Congolese Francis M’vemba would be suffering from dementia made the rounds of social networks, plunging his admirers into concern.

To everyone’s surprise, Coco Emilia, also known as Biscuit de mer, gave her news this Friday through a post on her Snapchat account. Indeed, she shared a video in which she appears at the wheel of a vehicle, a subtle way of reassuring her fans about her state of health.

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Very quickly, this publication aroused an avalanche of reactions in the ranks of his fans. This reappearance was seen as a beacon of hope for anyone worried about his well-being.

Although she did not provide any details about her health situation, this outing allowed the Cameroonian influencer to silence all speculation about her mental health and announce that she is alive and well.