FIFA Day: Madagascar's list against Benin

FIFA Day: Madagascar's pre-list

The national coach of Madagascar has revealed his first list of players selected for the international break in March. And Romuald Rakotondrabe called on 33 Barea with the surprise Kenny Lala.

The Malagasy selection will also participate in the first international break of the 2024 calendar year. The Barea will play three friendly matches between March 18 and 26. These are the matches against Burundi, Rwanda and Botswana. Duels to gauge the level of the squad before the resumption of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

For this FIFA day, the national coach, Romuald Rakotondrabe, unveiled a list expanded to 33 players. In this group, we find the eternal regulars but also a few new faces. This is particularly the case for the Kenny Lala surprise.

At 32, the Stade Brestois defender will finally honor the colors of his country of origin after several refusals, where he hoped for a sign from the France team which never came. Also among the newcomers are 24-year-old goalkeeper Sonny Laiton from AJ Auxerre, leader of Ligue 2, and Teva Gardies from Paris FC, 12th in Ligue 2.

The Madagascar pre-list:

Goalkeepers: Rakotoasimbola Zakanirina (Elgeco Plus), Sonny Laiton (AJ Auxerre), Teva Gardies (Paris FC)

Defenders: Rabemananjara Rado Niaina (AS Fanalamanga), Metanire Romain Anthony (Spokane Velocity), Kenny Lala (Stade Brestois), Demoleon Louis (Budoni Calcio), Razafindrabearimianta Rajo Nirina (St-Denis FC), Randrianiaina Tantely Antoine (Disciples FC), Fabien Boyer (JS St Pierre), Amourson Andriniaina Aurelien (Fosa Juniors FC), Rabarijaona Tantely Avotriniaina (CFFA), Kenjy Van Boto (Pau FC), Robin Busset (Stade Nyonnais), Randriamanampisoa Elysee Tony (Elgeco Plus)

Midfielders: Manoelantsoa Ando Nampoina (JS St Pierre), Ilaimaharitra Marco (Sporting Charleroi), Rakotoarisoa Tiavina Pierre Mickael (Fosa Juniors FC), Raveloson Rayan Arnaldo (AJ Auxerre), Rakotondrajoa Andy Nantenaina (Disciples FC), Clément Couturier (Swift Hesperange), Rakotoarisoa Jean Romario Baggio (Joan of Arc), Rafanomezantsoa Lalaina (CFFA), Andriamanjato Tokifandresena Rojolalaina (St Paul FC)

Attackers: Lapoussin Loïc Andre Terry (Union St-Gilloise), Sayha Seha (Olympique de Marseille B), Randriatsiferana Toky Olivier (St Paul FC), Randrianantenaina Arnaud (El Gouna FC), Hakim Abdallah (Dinamo de Bucharest), Randrianarijaona Tendry Manovo Mataniah (Disciples FC), Razafindrakoto Jean Yvon (Elgeco Plus), Raheriniaina Ahmad El Hadary (Saint Michel United), Andriamahitsinoro Charles Carolus (Al-Kawkab)