Fally Ipupa offre une Rolex à sa fille Keyna (1)

Fally Ipupa: the singer gives a Rolex to his daughter Keyna (video)

Franco-Congolese singer Fally Ipupa gave a Rolex to his daughter Keyna for her birthday on Wednesday October 11, 2023. Her talented father, Fally Ipupa, wanted to mark this special day by giving her a splendid Rolex watch.

This year, for her daughter Keyna’s birthday, Fally Ipupa decided to do things differently. The famous Congolese diva, known for her vibrant performances and captivating voice, currently resides in Paris. It was in the City of Lights that she decided to spoil her eldest daughter, Keyna, by giving her this most prestigious gift, a Rolex.

Keyna’s reaction was not long in coming. Her eyes shining with emotion, she hugged her father to express her gratitude and joy. This gesture of affection shows how happy this gift made him.

Fally Ipupa, known for his unique style mixing Congolese rumba, pop and Afrobeat, is not only a talented artist, but also a loving father.

As Keyna Ipupa prepares to write her own path, this Rolex watch will be a constant reminder of her father’s love and admiration for her. A traditional family united by the indestructible bond of feelings and sincere gestures.

The Rolex, symbol of luxury and excellence, is a present that goes beyond simple materialism. He also embodies Fally Ipupa’s desire to see her daughter evolve into success and personal fulfillment. This watch is much more than a precious object, it is a symbol of trust and transmission.