Eunice Zunon

Eunice Zunon: the Ivorian web comedian tackled on the web by a Cameroonian internet user

Ivorian web comedian Eunice Zunon was attacked by a Cameroonian Internet user on the web in a culinary debate, in which she does not even participate.

In a recent unnecessary virtual altercation, the ex-partner of Cameroonian rapper Tenor, Eunice Zunon, better known under the pseudonym Bébé Bouche Pointue, was attacked on social networks. The quarrel, originating from a light debate on the respective culinary merits of Ndolè, a traditional Cameroonian dish, and Attiéké, an Ivorian specialty, took a personal turn.

A provocative remark from an Ivorian Internet user, suggesting that Ndolè was responsible for the notable muscularity of Cameroonian women, aroused passions. In an unexpected turn of events, Eunice Zunon, a web comedian from Ivory Coast, found herself embroiled in the exchange although she took no active part in it. So, Eunice, who has the muscle, has been eating Ndolè since she was little, eh », he reacts.

This user was probably referring to the recent altercation between Eunice Zunon and Tenor, during which Eunice firmly grabbed Tenor by the neck. This pictorial expression taken from Ivorian jargon describes the surprising conflict well, which could certainly prompt Eunice herself to react publicly.

As a reminder, Eunice Zunon recently spoke out in a humorous way on her Facebook page regarding the wave of marriages in recent years of Ivorian public figures. She even expressed her displeasure at not being invited to all those wedding celebrations