Rigobert Song et Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o on Song: “a local coach less expensive for the Cameroonian taxpayer”

Samuel Eto’o spoke about the future of Rigobert Song on the bench of the Cameroonian selection, pushed towards the exit after the elimination of the Indomitable Lions from CAN 2023.

The late but valuable awakening of the Indomitable Lions at CAN 2023, defeaters of Gambia in the group stage of CAN 2023, was ultimately insufficient. The Cameroonian selection was in fact eliminated from the competition after its defeat against Nigeria. Against the Super Eagles in the round of 16, Fabrice Ondoa’s gang lost with a score of 2-0.

A defeat which triggered the ire of supporters who demanded the resignation of Rigobert Song, considered primarily responsible for this mixed performance of the 2017 African champions. The latter believe that the former defender does not have the baggage that It is necessary to lead the destiny of the Cameroonian Lions, with its playing system and its controversial tactical choices.

The Cameroonian technician can nevertheless count on the support of the president of Fécafoot, Samuel Eto’o. Facing journalists after the elimination of his team, the former Barça and Chelsea striker confirmed the Cameroon coach in his position. “ Coach Rigobert Song did his job as a local coach less costly to the Cameroonian taxpayer“, he declared, while thanking the boss of the Cameroonian bench for the work done during this tournament.

Rigobert Song is Cameroonian, he discovers talented young people and trains them. In my opinion, president of Fecafoot, he remains the coach of the Cameroon national team! Even if it is Jesus Christ who one day becomes the coach of the Cameroon national team, bad souls will ask for his departure. Defeat is shared responsibilities”he added.

Taken to the head of the Cameroonian selection in February 2022, Rigobert Song has a mediocre record in two years on the bench of the Indomitable Lions. The tactician has accumulated 10 defeats, 6 draws and five victories in 21 matches, in all competitions.