DRC: Nangaa's Congo River alliance openly challenges Tshisekedi

DRC: Nangaa’s Congo River alliance openly challenges Tshisekedi

Corneille Nangaa, the head of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) during the presidential election in 2018, who became coordinator of the politico-military movement of the Congo River Alliance (AFC), launches an appeal for the mobilization of the Congolese people in the face of what he presents as “an electoral hold-up” by the outgoing president.

It took two weeks for the Congo River Alliance (AFC) led by Corneille Nangaa to produce its first official press release.

Two weeks since the announcement of the creation of this movement in Nairobi, capital of Kenya which in November 2018 saw the birth of the Cach platform of Félix Tshiskedi and Vital Kamerhe.

Two weeks during which the Congolese people were called upon to decide, during the presidential and legislative elections, on the political future of the country.

Corneille Nangaa evokes in this text “the tinkering comedy of figures, shamefully presented as partial results of elastically manipulated ballots. These imaginary results reflect neither the popular will nor the dynamics of the electoral campaign during which from East to West via the center of the country, the people made known their disavowal of Mr. Tshilombo, publicly treated rightly thief, liar, corrupt, tribalist, lazy, etc. » Before adding: “This spectacle of open fraud pushes the country further into a serious crisis of legitimacy. »

Based on this postulate, the coordinator further explains that the AFC condemns the setup which resulted in the sham elections of December 20, 2023. » Mr. Tshilombo belongs to the past. Its electoral spectacle, its imaginary results and all the institutions that will result from it will not engage the Congolese people.”

He immediately announced the determination of his movement to do everything, in accordance, in particular, with article 64 of the Congolese Constitution, to “restore democratic normality and republican legality”.

The AFC then warns Mr. Tshhilombo that it “ will not shy away from any maneuver, any attack and even less any intimidation on his part to achieve his ultimate objective, the conquest of power in Kinshasa to restore democratic normality and put an end to the crisis of legitimacy of which he is personally the author.

Then come convictions

  • of the “bloody repression” against those who dared to march peacefully to condemn “the electoral coup in progress”,
  • of the hyper militarization of Katanga by the Congolese armed forces and police. Troops which would be composed essentially on a tribal basis and would support the “criminal militias” (Forces of Progress, FDLR)
  • widespread killings of innocent Congolese populations by indiscriminate and criminal bombings, notably Mushaki, Karuba, Kipolirwe and surrounding areas.

Mr. Nangaa still mentions the “documented war crimes” and warns that AFC forces will take charge “to neutralize the enemy (…) and ensure the protection of citizens”.

He then calls on all the active forces of the country and the diaspora to join his movement, before ending with a “Homeland or death”, a quote borrowed from Ernesto Che Guevara.

Does Mr. Nangaa have the means to achieve his ambitions on the ground? At the launch of his movement, he announced that he had the support of some armed movements and, some of his close friends announced that since this announcement, the AFC had been able to bring together other forces…