Pastor Joseph Mwenya founder and pastor of Global Fellowship church has taken the city of Dallas by storm and become popular by his accurate prophetic word and astonishing instant miracles and healing.

Scores of people from as far as Europe and Latin America have taken long flights to visit his church for deliverance, healing and miracles.

Recently pastor Joseph held a prophetic and miracle explosion conference a few weeks ago where many people from around the usa and Europe came and experienced the power of God in a new way.

In the video making rounds on social media , a who who had a spinal condition and couldn’t walk for over 3 years came to Pastor Mwenyas church in search of her miracle while Doctors had given up on her. An operation would give her no solution. And in search for answer and a miracle from God, she came to see the man of God, the woman only arrived at the church after the service had finished and walked right to the front of the altar and sat in the front.

The ushers advised her to come the following day, she insisted that she had come a long way and was convinced she would receive her miracle from God through his humble pastor Joseph Mwenya .

When the man of God pastor Joseph walked in the sanctuary towards this lady, all the eyes were fixed on him to see what God would do for her, the Pastor asked her what brought her to him , as she began to explain the pastor began praying and ministering to this woman, you can see the power of the Holy Spirit moving her as she began shaking.
He commanded her to arise and walk, she was instantly healed.

After 3 long years she was finally able to walk. As the scriptures says “whoever the son of God has set free, is free indeed.” When the congregation saw this miracle, they were filled with awe and blessed The name of God .

Pastor Mwenya has since wished Zambians in Zambia and around the world well as they Pray and fast today 18th October 2017, the pastor Said his church members and his family will observe this day and join the rest of the Zambians in prayers .



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