Two Zambian youths have been handed a life jail sentence by the Chinese government after being found with drugs.

The parents of the two youths have appealed to President Lungu to intervene and bring the two convicted youths but no help has been rendered so far.

The Chinese government has a law that condemn to life anyone found with drugs.

However, the Zambian government is keeping this a secret from the public, a source at the foreign affairs ministry has informed Zambian Watch

The two Zambian students were allegedly linked to a drug trafficking network.

The arrests have led to the seizure of large quantities of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), MDA and other synthetic drugs.

Police sources said that raids were carried out in different locations of the city of Shanghai based on specific intelligence inputs.

Inputs suggested that a section of students from reputable colleges were running a drug network in the city. The detectives posed as a prospective customer and laid a trap.

Sleuths of the narcotics cell in Shanghai raided a location in Uxiah Paio and arrested a Zambian student named Sydney Nkhombo. He was a BBA student in one of the city’s top private management colleges.

Synthetic drugs LSD and MDA were found in his possession.

After thoroughly questioning him the sleuths arrested Misheck Njobvu and a Nigerian Emeka Oluchi, both students, and residents of Xiao Pin. The former is a student of computer engineering and the latter is doing his MCA from a reputed private college.

A police investigation has revealed that the drugs were procured online, through ‘Dark web’ sites. Dark web is a part of the deep web, which is not indexed and does not show up on web searches. These sites are usually accessible only through specific software or authorisation.

The dark web is mostly unmonitored and international drug, narcotics, arms and human trafficking rings often operate through it. Drugs and narcotics are freely available on payment. What makes it difficult to trace is that cryptocurrencies are often used and preferred for such transactions



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