The Kitwe magistrate court has charged 19 year old Joseph illunga and 6 juvenile offenders, members of the sons of the devil (SOD) gang K18 each and further sentenced the 6 juvenile offenders to 1 year probation each.

In delivering her judgement, magistrate Luanga simposya said the offence committed by the 7 accused from bulangililo and kwacha east townships of Kitwe was a misdemeanor and only carried a maximum sentence of 60 penalty unit’s equivalent to K18 and/or a 1 month jail sentence.

The 7 members of the sons of the devil (SOD) gang were charged with idle and disorderly contrary to section 178 (f) of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia with the particulars of the offence indicating that Joseph Illunga 19 and the 6 juveniles, on march 9th 2018 jointly and whilst acting together, did conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace.

And magistrate simposya has ordered parents and guardians of 4 of the 6 juveniles to re-enroll them in school at the beginning of the next academic year without fail.
The 7 will remain in police custody until they pay the charge of K18 each.




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