UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament have been pleading for funds from the government when they have been lying that they cannot work with us, Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary-General Davies Mwila has disclosed.

Mr Mwila said some UPND lawmakers had been flocking his office and various ministries crying for help despite lying to the public that they had no intentions to work with the PF government.

He disclosed that a named UPND Member of Parliament had been to his office for financial assistance.

Speaking when he received about 2, 042 defectors from UPND and MMD in Mufumbwe yesterday, Mr Mwila said the opposition MPs had informed him that they did want development in their constituencies.

“To say the truth these people have been coming to us asking for funds for development. The MP you voted for here in Mufumbwe has been coming to our offices to plead,” Mr Mwila said.

Mr Mwila said it was now time for the people of North-Western Province to do away with the UPND because they had nothing to offer.

He said UPND MPs’ action to plead for development showed the opposition political party had no money to deliver development which they had been promising in the Province.

“You have voted for Hakainde Hichilema five times, he has never even brought any single thing for appreciation but as government we have brought development here,” he said.

Mr Mwila said the people of North-Western Province should not continue to stick to the UPND if development could flourish.

Meanwhile Mr Mwila said he expected the general membership to endorse President Edgar Lungu at the general conference next year.

He said it was only President Lungu who can drive the development of the country, stating that he had shown the eagerness to work for the Zambians since he was voted in power. He also appealed to party members in the province to continue mobilsing the party in readiness with 2021 general elections.



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