The National Democratic Congress says the Slaughter of 77 animals by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock was very cruel.

Axon Kaonga, the party Member of the Central Committee noted that at crucial time like this, when Zambia’s economy keeps dwindling, people expect Government to help the citizenry to cushion against poverty and hard times instead of sponsoring and reinforcing suffering.

Mr. Kaonga has since condemned the mass slaughter of animals (38 cattle, 28 sheep and 11 goats) of a farmer from Macha valued at K138, 000 by the department of livestock.

He said whereas, the NDC does not encourage lawlessness, it also does not elevate policy above humanity.

Mr. Kaonga said Government has failed to effectively prevent foot and mouth disease and provide adequate funding to deploy more extension officers country wide leaving famers to fend for themselves and fight foot and mouth disease.

He wondered how government can then slaughter so many animals without establishing if they had foot and mouth disease when farmers have not produced enough crops that bring food on the table and help them send their children to school because of drought.

Mr. Kaonga has since reiterated the need for government to test every animal for food and mouth disease and only kill those animals which are infected.

He lamented that the mass killing of animals without first isolating infected animals from the non infected ones is cruelty of its highest level.

Mr. Kaonga said the animals should have been quarantined, treated and thereafter allow the farmer to sell them.


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