University Teaching Hospital

Ministry of Health is satisfied with the progress of the Siamese twins as University Teaching Hospital prepares for their separation in historic medical operation.

Permanent secretary for administration Kennedy Malama said the children Bupe and Mapalo were doing very well and had improved according to expectations of the medical team managing their condition prior to the operation scheduled for January 2018.

He said as a sector they were really delighted that the conjoined twins had done very well as they have visibly grown to weigh upto 15kilograms together in the eight months they have been admitted to the UTH -Mother and New Born Hospital.

“In terms of the way forward, we are leaving the treatment plan in the hands of that team of doctors who are deciding what next course of action to be taken.

“Even the medical team looking after them are confident that the children were doing really well.

There are indications that within January some interventions shall be made,” he said.

He was speaking after delivering Ministry of Health Christmas present including diapers and baby food, donations from Ministry employees at various levels to the twins.

He explained that meanwhile, the ministry was confident in the medical doctors and health workers concerned with the wellbeing of the twins prior to the major operations to separate them.

He said managing conditions like the conjoined twins was done by a multi-disciplinary team that take in consideration all things required to prepare for such a big operation.

He said they were relying on the experts working with the children on the decisions over the treatment plan would be recommended for the way forward.

“We are leaving everything in the hands of the medical team experts at the UTH, and we are very proud that so far they have been on course in ensuring that the children reach this size.

“Am sure some of you had seen the children when they came that they were quiet small and we were very worried as a sector if they would pull through but so far we are confident that things had moved so well,” he said.

And the parents to the twins have expressed gratitude towards well-wishers for their support in the seven months they have stayed in the hospital.

The twins’ father explained that it was difficult to live far from home, without family and friends but that he was aware of the pressures experienced back in Kawambwa (in Luapula Province), but was grateful to the newly found family in Lusaka.



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