PIz Forgive Me, I Did Not Know That I Was Selling Same Plots To Different People – Pastor Charles Chanda cries

United Prosperity & Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President who is a pastor has said he did not realize that he oversold plots to more than one person.

Chanda was apprehended yesterday for 160 counts of theft of money for unsuspecting people whom he sold plots that do not exist.

Today, Chanda said from Lusaka Central Police that he sold same plots to different people that is why the more than 160 people have no plots.

He says it is regretted that he did not realize that he did not have any plots anymore but that he has no money to refund people.

Chanda said that he had been promising those claiming refund that once he wins in 2021, he will refund them.

However, Chanda was once living in South Africa pastoring that side but was allegedly found selling plots and estate property that doesn’t exist. That is how come he came to Zambia with the same formula.



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