PILATO says it is his humanity responsibility to support Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Njoya Tembo during this hard time when his wife has been sentenced to five years for assault of a child.

Pilato in a statement said in as much as he does not support child assault, he will not disown his brother Tembo during his difficult time.

This was after Lusaka Magistrate Greenwell Malumani today sentenced Tembo’s wife to five years imprisonment for child assault.

And Pilato has sympathised with Tembo further encouraging him to be strong and seek God’s indulgence on his case.

“The news that my brother Mr. Njoya Tembo’s wife has been convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment is sad and I wish my big brother will find strength in the lord. This is a sad development that no one should go through and my deepest prayer is, even as my sister goes through this she will seek God even more,” Pilato said.

“I would also like to advise my big brother the ZAM President Mr. Njoya Tembo to be strong and trust that God is in control. While I do not support child assault or any form of child abuse, I cannot distance or disown my own brother during this difficult time. My big brother, Njoya T. do not lose hope, let your faith not be shakened. There’s nothing that can escape the mind of God.”

He also urged musicians to support Tembo as he walks through this episode of life.

“Sometimes good people find themselves in bad situations; I do believe that my sister and my brother are genuinely good people who have found themselves in a bad situation. It is therefore my wish that we as music artists should support our brother as he walks through this episode of life. I promise to personally visit you and my sister to offer my support as this is within my humanly responsibilities,” said Pilato.


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