PHOTOS: Police dog bites man at court

A POLICE dog this morning bit a 35-year-old man at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court entrance.

Rashid Masumba, who had gone for his case in court 11, was denied entry into the Magistrates’ Court complex but he insisted that he was rushing to appear in court.

Uncompromising police officers manning the gate near Lusaka Central Prison (Chimbokaila) could not listen to his explanation and in the process, one of the police officers pushed him before unleashing a dog on him.

The dog bit Masumba slightly below his navel.


What happened is that I told the police officers what I had come to do here at the courts but they started roughing me up because they thought I had come for the UPND (leader Hakainde Hichilema’s treason) case. But I told them that I had come for my case in court 11. They didn’t hear me but started pushing me around before one of them set a dog on me,

narrated Masumba as a female police officer who was trying to help him seek quick medication stood by.

Afterwards, police officers started apologising to me and said I should be allowed in. That’s how I entered but police officers said this matter shouldn’t be blown.

And when he went to report the matter at Kabwata Police Station so that he could obtain a medical report, Masumba was instead detained for an unknown reason.

From the time Hichilema started appearing in court for treason, among other charges, heavily armed police officers, with a vicious canine unit, have been patrolling the Magistrates’ Court Complex on the pretext of maintaining order.

Earlier, upon arrival at the court’s car park, lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya, popularly called KBF, was heard telling his colleague Jonas Zimba that police officers keeping vigil at the court were exhibiting a colonial mentality.

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