Sources says he is unable to breath on his own and that he has been put on Oxygen.

Mulongoti is part of the Ten Opposition Alliance but since falling ill, his fellow Members have ignored and abandoned him. It is President Lungu who has now started looking after Mulongoti.

This is despite the fact that Mulongoti was being used by Hakainde Hichilema to ridicule the President to claim that he is not Edgar Lungu but Jonathan Mutaware from Malawi.

Mulongoti’s family members have complained that HH has litteraly abandoned their relative adding that the opposition UPND leader does not even answer his phone when they call.



  1. Comment:thank you very much for supporting Mr mulogoti,Mr President am proud of you, you did it to Mr mukonbwe also God bless you more good days

  2. Every Zambian has a right to be taken care of by the state irrespective of political affiliation if deserving as its taxpayers resources being applied and it’s not the responsibility of who they are aligned with! In any case it is even not fair that mostly it’s politicians who benefit more from such expenditures than the ordinary people who pay taxes from meager wages and without luxuries enjoyed by politicians while in office! Everyone must first think about saving and having own resources to help themselves when anything related to bills arises! Laughable to even criticize HH suggesting he has abandoned Mulongoti as despite him having resources he too like any citizen has a right to the evacuation cake should the president so order thus let’s not go on being maliciously political against those we don’t like. In the first place UTH should have the capacity to attend to all citizens with best medical care and rid the selective approach of “some being more deserving of better treatment than others!”

  3. Mulongoti should have known the true colours of HH even before engaging himself with him. This is a man who does not even smile at anyone, neither does he know how to greet even people he knows.


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