Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

….Eat Chibwabwa instead of Meat and Pork….


Zambia’s Minister in Charge of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has tasked all Citizens to pay attention to what they eat if they are to live long and healthy lives.

He stated that most diseases were manufactured right in people’s kitchens at home and that there was every need to get back to the drawing board and revisit the diet syllabus if precious lives were to be prevented from being prematurely lost through consumption of wrong foods.

“Allow me to just appeal to CHAZ, to pay particular attention to all the levels of the continuum of care. Often times, our public has been misled into believing that the interface with the Health sector is the hospital or when you fall ill and you need to get to the facility. But it is time we reset the mindset. We need to have the public realise that the interface with the health sector begins right in their homes . In the communities.” He said.

He stated that by delivering high impact Health messages in homes and in the various congregate settings, an entry point was being created for people into the Health sector.

” So the entry point into the health sector should not be at a time when one is ill. And this is the new paradigm that we envisage. ” He said.

He stated that theirs was the Ministry of wellness.

“Therefore we must invest in wellness. And investing in wellness means empowering people with information that would make them make responsible decisions that would prevent them from being ill.” He said.

” Now CHAZ has the rare privilege through the various constituents to interact with literally every one in the country. Zambia is a Christian and highly religious nation. This means that there is a huge platform that is created for CHAZ to disseminate high impact Health promoting messeges on HIV , on Malaria, on non communicable diseases. Therefore your health services excellence must begin with crafting high impact messeges that you should deliver through the platform that you enjoy so that our people may be well.” He added.

” I want to emphasize that health promotion is low cost but high impact. Because when people have knowledge they do not perish.” He added.

And the Minister stated that attaining a certain status in life which enabled one to afford to lead a comfortable lifestyle did not mean that one should indulge in eating wrong foods that would cause them health complications such as obesity, diabetes and many other non communicable diseases that would lead to possible death.

*”Chikwekele was a young man who grew up in a medium density Suburb. Having been empowered through primary and secondary school and qualified to the University, he got a degree in economics and quickly got a job in one of the banks as an economist.”*

*”Chikwekele who during graduation had weighed 65 Kilograms now adopted a certain life style due to the power of the pocket which enabled him to eat and drink anything, and suddenly catapulted him to a hundred and twenty kilos . He suddenly became hypertensive, diabetic ,and quickly had renal failure and before he could reach 30, Zambia lost a young Economist.”*

*” Now, it is important to note that if Chikwekele had the knowledge that the monies and capacity that he had , came with responsibility, if he knew that consumption of Chibwabwa is better than the consumption of pork and meat everyday, if he knew that driving daily to the supermarket, was his own downfall, he could have been walking daily and exercising daily and through that physical activity and good nutrition, he could have avoided noncommunicable diseases.”* Said the Minister of Health to a captivated audience.

*” Who wants a patient in hospital with Mio Cardial infunction? With a Heart Attack? Why not address the family? Why not have strong family health centered services were you deliver information to this family on what should be cooked , what should be consumed. Why won’t we stop manufacturing non communicable diseases in our kitchens. Why won’t we emphasize on the importance of vegetables, on good nutrition. why won’t we emphasize on the need for physical activity? ‘Chikwekele said I used to walk everyday from Chelston to Munali, so am done with the syllabus for walking. I did My Part.’ So, to move from his Kabulonga home to the supermarket, he always used to drive.”* The Minster added.

MCC. Hon. Dr Chilufya said this when he officiated at the Launch of the CHAZ Strategic Plan 2017- 2021 at the CHAZ Complex in Meanwood Ibex this morning.



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