Rainbow Part President State Counsel Wynter Kabimba has advised Republican President Edgar Lungu to ensure that they guard the Presidency jealously from doom sayers who predict nothing but bloodshed for this Country.

Speaking as an extinguished invited guest at the Patriotic Front’s General Conference Mr. Kabimba pledged to work hand in hand with President Edgar Lungu to ensure that the peace the nation as been enjoying continues.

Mr. Kabimba also reminded President Edgar Lungu that he will be facing two of his former class mates in himself and newly elected UNIP President Bishop Trevor Mwamba. Mr. Kabimba joked that President Edgar Lungu should forget about the other competitors in this year’s elections and instead focus on his former classmates who are his only fierce rivals.

The Rainbow Party leader further joked that the him and President Edgar Lungu must ensure that the Presidency remains in their circles as classmates much to the excitement of the delegates and guest in attendance.

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