‘Katundu Very Nice’ Man Gets 15 Years Sentence

Petauke man who sexually harassed an unconscious woman gets 15 years

The Chipta High Court has sentenced a man of Petauke district, who sexually harassed an unconscious woman to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Rodgers Mwanza, 33, appeared before Justice Gertrude Chawatama for sentencing in a matter where he was convicted by the Petauke Magistrate Court.

Mwanza, who was represented by Sally Bwalya from the Legal Aid Board Counsel, was also sentenced to 9 months imprisonment with hard labour for producing obscene material and another 9 months imprisonment for circulating obscene material with intent to corrupt public morals with effect from September 18th, 2018.

When the matter came up for judgement today, justice Chawatama said the court has noted what Mwanza said in mitigation at the lower court, but that the offence which he committed was a serious one and attracts a mandatory sentence of not less than 15 years.

He therefore sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour effective from 18 September 2018.

Facts before the court were that Mwanza, a resident of Petauke Turn-Off Area, on August 25th, 2018 indecently assaulted Elizabeth Lungu, who was in a drunken state.

Picture below, Rodgers in a grey coat at the Chipata High Court .

2 thoughts on “‘Katundu Very Nice’ Man Gets 15 Years Sentence

  1. We thank God that this case has now been put rest,the man has been punished and we are waiting for the maumba case was the woman in question arrested? We want to see what her punishment will be.

  2. Are you joking?
    Why do you need to take away all his life… It’s not like his the only person who has sined. We are human and to error is just part of it.. Reconsider and give him a favorable sentence and wen i say favorable i mean, sentence like 9 months and not years.
    How many unforseen videos have we seen on social media?
    Have mercy on the poor man.

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