DESPITE the onset of the rains, the lake level in the Kariba Dam in Zambia has dropped by 3 centimetres in the last seven days.

This is according to a statement released today by the Zambezi River Authority.

The lake level is now sitting on 477.19 metres as of November 25, 2019 about two metres above the minimum hydro-power generation level.

The Kariba Lake is designed to operate between levels 475.50m and 488.50m for hydropower generation.

On November 25, last year, the Lake level was at 483.49m.

Zambia has been experiencing power generation challenges following a power deficit of 827 deficit.

To mitigate the challenges, the Zambian Government is importing 300 megawatts from South Africa’s Eskom.


  1. Last week the Kariba Lake level dropped or receded by 12cm. This week it has dropped by 3cm. So how does this become Kariba loses MORE WATER? Is the idea to sensationalize the story?


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